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We specialize in Underground Doomsday Disaster Safety Survival Bunkers, Bomb Fallout Tornado Storm Shelters, Panic Safe Rooms and Shipping Containers. Safety Bunkers operates through a nationwide network of dealers which include certified licensed contractors, some pool/spa installers, septic installers, mobile home dealers, and residential or commercial builders. Our service is also unique in that we work with most of the top bunker builders in the United States. Based on your generic or specific request Safety Bunkers can deliver the most equipped, secure, and cost effective units on the market today.

Once you submit the requirements we go to work customizing a quote. We will present you a proposal and if satisfied we require a 50% down payment to get started. We are in constant contact with you, the builders, suppliers, transporters, and installers discussing all your desired options. Ultimately working with you we develope a time line for completion and most units can be finished within 60 days. Safety Bunkers takes every client's privacy very seriously. We will not engage in media relationships such as TV shows as we believe in true confidentiality. Rest assure your information will never be given out for any reason. Only people that are on the “Need to Know” list will ever know about your unit.
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